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Why You Should Outsource Your Next Car Purchase.

Mobility is the second largest expense for Swiss households after housing. In Switzerland, almost 80% of households own at least one car. Mobility and car ownership are therefore still closely linked. Despite this, for many people buying a car remains more complicated than it should be and a big waste of time.

Carequest Sàrl car broker Switzerland, car key of VW Golf GTI mk1

On average, purchasing an automobile takes more than 15 hours. It usually consists of the following steps:

  1. Identification of a need or desire for change

  2. Search for suitable vehicles

  3. Reduction of the option pool

  4. Research on the selected models

  5. Dealership visits and test drives

  6. Negotiation and purchase OR return to one of the previous stages

  7. Financing

  8. Insurance comparison

  9. Registration

  10. Handover of the vehicle

Various steps can be added to this model. Many elements make this process long and complicated.

Product variety


In recent years, the manufacturers' range of products has expanded considerably. Also, new carmakers have entered the European market. This makes it difficult to gain an overview of the cars that meet one's requirements. Shorter product life cycles also contribute to this.


The above-mentioned difficulty remains within the same product line:

  • What engine is the best?

  • Is an electric car better?

  • What trim level?

  • What options?

  • How to finance the car? (Read our article on the topic)

  • Etc.

These days, there are tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of possible configurations for a car. Thus, each vehicle is unique, which makes comparisons difficult. In addition, the configuration will affect the resale value of the vehicle. While options may not necessarily make the price of a used vehicle higher, they will make it sell more easily and more quickly.


The current situation in the car market makes the supply of new vehicles difficult. This impacts the second-hand market. The search for the right car has become more challenging, as the number of available offers has decreased significantly. This results in higher sales prices. In addition, good offers disappear quickly. It is therefore advantageous to be familiar with the various sales platforms.

Sales platforms

There are many platforms on which vehicles are offered for sale. The most popular is Autoscout24. There are alternatives, each with its strengths and weaknesses. However, the opportunities in non-specialised markets or on WhatsApp and Facebook groups should not be underestimated. This rise in points of sale does, however, increase the time needed for research.

There is also a whole market beyond the official channels. Many vehicles are never offered on the public market. A contact with access to these off-market offers can be a major asset.

Technical knowledge and negotiation

Car appraisal

Not everyone is a mechanic or car expert. It is therefore difficult to differentiate between vehicles and to know what to look out for when testing and inspecting a car. However, this step is still extremely important, as it can avoid scams, future costs and gives arguments for the negotiation.


According to various studies, negotiation is the buyer's least favourite part of the car buying process. In addition, people who are not experienced will find it difficult to come up with arguments. Also, they will struggle to respond to the salesperson's pitch. Emotions can also get the better of them, which usually ends up in the acceptance of unfavourable conditions.


Just like negotiation, administrative procedures are one of the unpleasant steps in buying a car. In addition to the sales contract, insurance, financing, vehicle registration, etc. must be discussed. All these steps take several hours, which could be spent more wisely.

Purchase location

Dealership ou private seller

Buying from a dealership is safer while buying from a private seller is generally cheaper. It is up to each buyer to weigh up the pros and cons. However, it is important to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of both methods.

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We strongly advise against buying a vehicle without seeing it first. This requires trips that cost money and time. A first trip is necessary to see the vehicle, then a second one should follow to pick it up. In addition, the insecurity around the state of the vehicle can result in unnecessary journeys.


The road to your dream car is long and full of obstacles. But there is one solution:

Carequest Sàrl.

At Carequest, we take care of everything. Simply tell us what you need and we'll take care of the rest. Carequest is the shortest way to your dream car.


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Unknown member
Jan 31, 2023

Firstly, i want to get rid of the junk car placed in my garage. Once i sell junk car and get some cash against it then i will think of buying a new car.

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