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Why do hypercars attract so much interest?

More than 15 years ago, the Bugatti Veyron was the first production car to break the 1000-horsepower barrier. It amazed with its top speed, technical specifications and price. It was the first hypercar. In the meantime, such performance has almost become the new normal. But why is there so much interest in these record-breaking cars?

Carequest car broker switzerland, white Bugatti Chiron Supersport
Bugatti Chiron Supersport

Whether it is Koenigsegg, McLaren, Ferrari, Bugatti, or Rimac, all these brands have in common that they have produced at least one vehicle with more than 1000 horsepower and a price tag of more than one million Swiss francs. However, in addition to the well-established manufacturers, several new players are proposing record-breaking car projects, so-called hypercars. But why?

What is a hypercar?

A hypercar is similar to a supercar. However, it is more powerful, rarer, more expensive, and more exclusive. Usually produced in limited numbers, it is the ultimate in automotive excellence in terms of technology, innovation, performance, and price.

Carequest Car Broker Switzerland, Ferrari LaFerrari
Ferrari LaFerrari

Why do people buy hypercars?


Hypercars often prove to be attractive financial investments. The value of hypercars, which are traditionally produced in limited or very limited series, tends to increase over the years. This is particularly true of the Ferrari LaFerrari. Sold for 1.3 million Swiss francs when it was launched, it is now trading at over 3 million. The cabriolet version (Aperta), went from 2 to 5 million. The Bugatti Divo was offered at 5 million by the French manufacturer. Today they are offered from 8 to 12 million. Other models, after depreciating, have experienced a surge of interest and have thus seen their market values exceed their price when new. The Bugatti Veyron and the Porsche Carrera GT fall into this category. Finally, some models are trading at extravagant prices even before entering production.


Hypercars represent the pinnacle of technological knowledge. As a result, car enthusiasts are very interested in them. In addition,

the arrival of new regulations for internal combustion vehicles from 2035 onwards (see our article on the topic), could mark the end of an era. Thus, the popularity of these limited series may well grow even more.


The world's greatest collectors are fighting to be among the few people who get access to these vehicles. To acquire them, it's not only about money. One must own the most exclusive models of the brand and be recognised as a major customer of the company. It is also important to participate in the brand's events. Becoming eligible for the purchase of such a vehicle is, therefore, very selective.


Personalisation has never been so extensive. The buyer can add his or her touch to each interior or exterior element. They create the vehicle to suit their image and make a vision come true. On top of this comes an exclusive buying experience.

Carequest Car Broker Switzerland, Porsche 918 Spyder
Porsche 918 Spyder

Why do manufacturers develop hypercars?

Return on investment

Often, all hypercar units are sold before they are even officially presented. For producers, they represent an appealing financial opportunity. Nowadays it is easier to sell a small quantity of very expensive cars, rather than several thousand expensive cars. In addition, the use of components from other models of the brand keeps production costs down. These two factors combined with the appeal of these vehicles make it an attractive business.

Customer loyalty

As mentioned above, only the best customers of the manufacturers have access to hypercars. To be selected, these customers must participate in the brand's life and regularly buy the latest models. This system, therefore, helps to lock in customers and build loyalty.


Not all hypercar projects are profitable. Bugatti lost several million on each Veyron produced. In such a case, the producers use these vehicles as a showcase for their know-how. This gives them credibility and publicity. In addition, certain technologies can be reused in the rest of the carmaker's range or that of its partners.

Carequest Car Broker Switzerland, Aston Martin Valkyrie
Aston Martin Valkyrie


Despite the excessiveness they represent, hypercars make sense. Whether it's for financial gain, passion or prestige, buyers are willing to pay large sums of money for them. On the other hand, these cars allow manufacturers to develop an exclusive product at low cost, or to showcase their know-how and push back the limits of technological development.

The majority of hypercars are not traded on the market. Exchanges take place off-market for reasons of discretion. At Carequest, we have access to many hypercars! If you are looking for such a vehicle, contact us!


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