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What Gifts For a Car Enthusiast?

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

The end of the year is approaching. Are you still looking for the latest gifts, but are short of ideas? This guide offers you a selection that will please all car enthusiasts!

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Gifts have become an essential part of the Christmas season. However, it is not always easy to find new, creative or useful ideas. In this article, we provide you with some original examples that will fill every car fan with joy.


Personalised posters

For car enthusiasts, a car is more than just an object. You will probably have noticed that they turn around to look at it after parking it, that they have it as their home screen, etc. The relationship to their vehicle becomes emotional. A personalised poster of their car will make them extremely happy and allow them to look at it even when they are not in the garage.

Other posters

If you don't have a photo of the car you want to make a poster of, why not take another one? From classic photos to historical posters, there are plenty of choices for every taste and budget.

Car cleaning

Professional cleaning

You've probably heard the expression, "a clean car runs better than a dirty one". Enthusiasts believe in it. A professional cleaning will return the car to its original condition and remove all imperfections. A thorough cleaning is also recommended at the end of winter to prevent corrosion. A professional detailing is therefore an original and useful gift.

Cleaning products

Are you on a tighter budget? No problem. Why not give some cleaning products as a gift. For some people, washing their car is a special, almost spiritual moment. This gift will please just as much and reduce your gift budget.

Key accessories


A personalised keychain makes one stand out from the crowd. It also reinforces brand identification and can enhance the key. A keyring of a certain brand (automotive or not) can also have a personal and emotional meaning. This idea is both personalised and suitable for all budgets.

Other accessories

There are many other key accessories. Whether it is leather protections, cases, or simply other designs, there is something for everyone. This is also a way to make the key more unique or to individualise it.

Test-drive and driving lesson


A car is an expensive hobby. Not everyone can afford to buy a top-of-the-range sports car (yet). However, a test drive of such a vehicle can bring this dream closer. There are different types of test drives (road, track, etc.). Choose the one that best suits the person you want to give it to and make sure you pick the right car.

Driving lesson

Some people enjoy driving and therefore see the car as more than just a means of transportation. Driving is a hobby. A driving lesson (e.g. on a racetrack) allows them to improve their skills and get to know their car better. Nevertheless, make sure that the training you offer is designed for enthusiasts.

Driving gloves

Driving gloves are not for everyone. For many, they even seem unnecessary. However, they give the driver a certain class and are part of the driving experience, creating a special feeling on every ride. This is especially true for oldtimers. Before giving this gift, be sure to get the right type of gloves in the right size.


This article suggests some gift ideas for car enthusiasts. This list is obviously not exhaustive.

At Carequest, we help you find your dream car.

For Christmas, why not surprise your loved ones with our services?


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