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The 6 Best Swiss Alpine Roads to Do by Car!

With the beginning of spring and the disappearance of the snow (even if the current weather is not exactly ideal...), mountain passes should open in the coming weeks. This is a good time to plan a drive after the winter break. In this article, discover some of the best Swiss passes to drive.

Carequest Car Broker Switzerland, Gletsch between Grimselpass and Furkapass

Although temperatures are slowly warming up and the snow is starting to disappear in most areas, not all mountain roads are accessible yet. Many passes will not open until May. To make sure that the roads you want to take are safe, we advise you to have a look at the TCS, the Swiss passes website or follow the traffic information.


The Susten Pass is one of our favourites. It mixes different types of roads and a wide variety of vegetation, which makes it particularly interesting. Being slightly less known than the Furka Pass, which follows a similar route, it can be a little less crowded.

One of the entry points to the pass is near the Gotthard Tunnel, which, during the holiday season, is notorious for traffic jams. It is therefore important to avoid the motorway when travelling from the east.

  • Region: Meiringen - Wasen

  • Length: 46 km

  • Altitude: 2224 m.

  • Opening: May - Octobre

Carequest Car Broker Switzerland, Sustenpass


The Furka Pass is an alternative to the Susten. The two passes run more or less parallel to each other. However, the Furka Pass is probably the more popular route of the two. This is especially so because of the famous and very photogenic Hotel Belvedere. The appearance of the pass in the James Bond film Goldfinger also contributes to this.

The Furka Pass is a mixture of tight bends and more rolling curves, making it particularly suitable for sports cars. In addition, the views are breathtaking. However, one should bear in mind that the beginning (or end) of the pass is right next to the Gotthard Tunnel, which is known for its traffic jams.

  • Region: Gletsch - Hospental

  • Length: 29 km

  • Altitude: 2429 m.

  • Opening: May - Octobre

Carequest Car Broker Switzerland, Furkapass


The Grimsel Pass is connected to the Furka Pass. It is known for its narrow curves. The granite walls and the lakes along the route make this pass unique. This is reinforced by the presence of hydropower stations and dams. There are many lookout points to enjoy the spectacular scenery, as well as the Gelmerbahn, Europe's steepest funicular railway, which guarantees a thrilling ride.

  • Region: Guttannen - Gletsch

  • Length: 24 km

  • Altitude: 2164 m.

  • Opening: May - Octobre

Carequest Car Broker Switzerland, Grimselpass


The Gotthard Pass is a scenic alternative to the tunnel (one of the longest in the world with its 16.9 km). There are two routes, the main road and the historic Tremola road. The latter is a cobblestone road that does not allow for fast driving but offers a unique experience with many hairpin bends. The former provides beautiful views, although it is slightly less engaging from a driving perspective.

Unfortunately, the pass, like the tunnel, is subject to traffic jams and delays during the holiday season. For those travelling from Zurich, the San Bernardino is an interesting, if slightly longer, alternative.

  • Region: Hospental - Airolo

  • Length: 24 km

  • Altitude: 2106 m.

  • Opening: May - Octobre

Carequest Car Broker Switzerland, Gotthardpass


The Bernina Pass is known for its impressive views. It is not by accident that the Bernina Express enjoys such a reputation. The road is also beautiful and exhilarating with its tight bends and steep slopes. This reputation is further enhanced by the races that take place there.

The Bernina Pass is one of the highest passes open all year round. However, occasional closures are possible depending on the weather. Although it can be exciting to drive on a snowy pass, it is necessary to be well equipped and careful to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • Region: Pontresina - Poschiavo

  • Length: 37 km

  • Altitude: 2328 m.

  • Opening: All year round (weather dependent)

Carequest Car Broker Switzerland, Berninapass


The Flüela Pass is probably the least known on this list. It connects Susch with Davos. Located in the narrow valley between the Schwarzhorn and Weisshorn, it combines tight roads, sharp curves and elevation changes to make for an exciting route.

Although partially open, the pass is usually closed in winter due to the danger of avalanches.

  • Region: Susch - Davos

  • Length: 27 km

  • Altitude: 2383 m.

  • Opening: May - December

Carequest Car Broker Switzerland, Flüelapass


The list above will give you some ideas to plan your next road trip. You may wonder why some passes are not listed... The answer is simple, these are our recommendations. Others may prefer other routes. Also, there are some passes that we have not yet had the opportunity to drive. This is the case for example with the Klausen Pass. However, we guarantee that the places listed in this article will give you a good time at the wheel of your car and will offer you great views.

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